I left the round tray shaded with sand with the wineglass of sea water down on the beach.

I left Joanna at the top of the stairs and went to the beach, I stood on a pier and waited. I could hear nothing but waves and had no idea of time. Slowly I made my way with many turnings back to look where the sun sets. At last I heard the violin and reeled myself in.

Up the inside bannister I hit the cinderella shoe rapidly, remembering my high heels as a running Barbara Hepworth , then kicked it down to let it lie, the glass slipper left on the stair. A slow placing of the fragile stair black and white photographs and a closed eye descent, people moving out of my way, as I stepped on them. I rushed out to the green astroturf and rang the chimes before falling to the ground to listen, would I find memories, then return collecting those old ones and the shoe.

As if all those stair walkings had been a ghost I collected the tray and wineglass and proceeded to the cafe where with a spoon and water- filled glasses we improvised a glass song, then dividing I went outside, Joanna inside and walked along to the end, reflections in and out too. I searched for the hidden shell, to hold to my eye like a chalk tear, and looked back in, behind glass and odd. We both traveled back to the top of the stairs for a dash of guardian angel, cassandra, Ariel and seachange as north, south, east and west unfolded everyone’s directions. Then ascended to a viewpoint where I could see all floors and reach below, then through the new work, skin to skin I listened, before finding the old black stairs, the old fragile stairs, and floated backwards down them.


Joanna Lawrence  violin. Joanna and I had had one meeting at the De La Warr 4 weeks before and she created approximately 7 short pieces of music to go with the directions. On the day she turned up and went through where music was, which, and cues in a very short time. We did not rehearse. We just did it, effortlessly and openly we found a flow together that existed for the piece. The harmony and ease of working with each other was a delight of the whole project. Connection, creativity ,collaboration made a wonderful conversation and sharing.

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