Traces, threads and surfaces
‘ the hand carries a visual map of life, representing time as a series of interlocking paths, routes and journeys ‘ Elizabeth Hallam

It is possible to think of a line that is visionary or metaphysical. Thus the line of Euclidean geometry, in the words of jean-Francois Billeter, ‘ has neither body nor colour nor texture, nor any other tangible quality: its nature is abstract, conceptual, rational’. Infinitely thin , drawn upon a plane that is both transparent and without substance, it is – as James Gibson puts it in his study of the ecology of visual perception – a kind of ‘ghost’ of the lines that we actually perceive in the world we inhabit. Lines Tim Ingold


Exterior 1* Wine Glass and Tray
@ water’s edge. Fill glass with seawater. Carry on journey.

Exterior 9a .Head through doors to change in DLWP bar uniform
10  bar dresses with glasses and jugs of water. Add sea water glass to
orchestra. Joanna and Clare Water Sounding!

8a Start journey @ ‘THIS”  Glass and tray

Includes map

Went to the bar, asked Archie for a tray and glass and where to set up some glasses, want to play them without using the rim, so maybe spoons or keys
Asked for shirts , they might be out of them! Got some white tac from the front desk then started out.
I went to the wrong place, will redo it tomorrow, got wet of course, walked slowly up to the bar where Archie pretended to drink it. While I was on the beach many people came to stare but not one talked to me…

Joanna Music

Am I conduit ,a boundary, making lines with walking ( *Richard Long)
I asked collaborators for ‘directions’ and they have given memory
I am here to connect the traces, lines made by walking in memory
lines without body, colour, texture
drawn on a plane both transparent and without substance
ghost lines
are there ghosts of lines between stars making constellations
survey lines, geodesic lines, longitude, latitude, equator, compass points
we used to measure with string, or draw them
I use my body and mind
is the line I walk real or ghost?

a songline of dlwp memories
retracing personal histoey
intrinsic or pinned on
like veins in the body, a system or threads of energy

trace visible lines on opaque surfaces

My father visited, he was just leaving and we found each other. We had hot chocolates and sat at the first table. I saw the yellow in his skin, the red puffiness and the preoccupation for both of us with heart. I walked him to his car and watched him go then walked the tightrope of the vaults and found a broken circle. There is a sadness ,and a sadness.


Caroline Collier
enter the building by the main entrance, turn left and walk up the stairs until you reach landing. Look out of all aspects of this window, that I think has no sea views, facing north(?) and think of the architect, exiled and in Bexhill. Film this.

I went to the book shop to re read information about the architect Erich Mendelsohn. He lost an eye as result of a tumour in 1921. His famous buildings were the Enstein Building in Potsdam and Schocken department stores in Stuttgart and Chemnitz.He left Germany with his wife and daughter 2 months after Hitler came to power in 1933.  He collaborated with Serge Chermayeff and won the competition for the De La Warr Pavilion in 1934. He remained in exile in Jerusalem, London and the US until his death in 1953.


I am in a fish eye
I face faceless windows
most white curtained or black shadowed
four stories to inhabit looking straight into this curved staircase. How angry they must have been in 1935 to have this built between them and the sea and how this architect who drew all to the sea left this window  to look back in to these houses, freedom gone, a road between.
What are these noises? The flag pole like a battering ram is like the march of men.
I can see the sea but only over buildings which would have been there.
What is this meant to look at?

I retreat to the stairs so no view of the sea
formal beauty intact, its view a closed english promenade
to leave Germany in 1933 2 months after Hitler came to power is forethought
but exile is a dividing line
one can never go home
because it has gone

a film of the crack that crosses the space
from one end trace 1 finger and feet, step over it
from window lying, trace line rom end to end then roll over

cracks result from the fracture of brittle surfaces caused by stress, collision, wear and tear

top of roof over entrance dank green puddles sink holes hidden
where is the door out to here? Does it ever get cleaned?
at night a row of lights in the paving squares leading away
cars, bus shelter nestled in grass, parking meter, car park, fairytale roofs, sky

this north glass staircase is his blind eye

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