From this high tower
look over a sea of bright wind:
hard and fragile walls of glass or air
guard the invisible centre
– here none may land.
The book of Invasions
Sally Purcell

Bad start to the day –
Have had to move everything  feel dispossessed, I am in a stinking dressing room – alcohol I think –
Richard’s instruction
I would like you to walk to the beach searching for and picking up 10 flat pebbles as you go – when you reach the seashore I would like you to bounce the pebbles over the sea in the direction of France – if you make the pebbles bounce in total 25 times buy yourself and eat an ice cream or a stick of rock  (whichever you prefer) – if not console yourself with a cup of tea (I will reimburse you at a later date) best Richard X

Went down to the beach via the caravan, collected flat white stones 10 then 10 flat stones of all other colours. Then one by one I threw them ‘across’ the sea to France…..I lost the bet completely, need to learn how to send flat pebbles across and have them bounce, so I walked along to Felicity, bought a drawing, had tea and flapjacks and walked back via caravan.

Will start the last direction….

Facing North, perform your favourite movement from the beautiful Cassandra(BC). Moving any distance south and facing South perform your favourite movement from The Walking Woman ( not sure if that’s what you called the piece – I called the music Vocalise for the walking Woman – Katie sang it on the staircase (VWW). Moving any distance East, perform your favourite movement from Ariel (A)> Moving any distance west, and facing West….BC
Moving etc North:A
Jonathan Dove

But in fact started filming the pieces that will not be in the performance. The piece in the North staircase, on the railing at the front of the building, with the sculptures on the top floor, in the hiding place, and from the sea with the wine glass, which broke. The filming was a strange experience.

Then had a cup of tea in the Caravan with Martin.

Found my movements for Jonathan’s directions
ladder   Cassandra   from the snakes and ladder game
chalk tears from Seachange VWW
Ariel for Ariel Songs
and placed them at the top of the stairs

I sat and placed all the material I thought I could use with Joanna’s music

had a hot choc

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