I am doing a 7 day durational piece at the De La Warr Pavilion ending with two performances on September 28th at 3.30pm and 7.30pm.
I am using all parts of the building and outside to the sea.
This is following my 12 day piece made in the Library of Water in Iceland.( On my website you can see the blog and photos). I intend to be at the DLWP from early in the morning before it opens, through much of the time when it is open.
These water and architecture pieces are based around ‘directions’, ie north, south, east and west etc, so I use a compass.
In Iceland my two collaborators on that project sent me ‘directions’ from the UK, knowing the place.

After thinking about the DLWP I realised that I was overwhelmed with memoriesof the six years I worked there as an Artist in Residence and Outreach Artist, so my premise became, do buildings have memories?
I have asked collaborators who shared experiences over those six years to send me one ‘direction’ each.
It can be to do with the past, their memories of the place, anything.

The directions are from Jonathan Dove, composer, Katie Tearle, singer, Deirdre Gribbin, composer, Tamsin Currey, designer, Victoria Rance, Visual Artist, Caroline Collier, ex-director DLWP, Rowan Moore, architecture critic.

I thought I would give a couple of examples

face south east, walk 50 steps, stand for a long while looking at the horizon, allow 3 words to arise, in the building make 3 site responses to the words.

retrace every place in the building you have made a piece and recollect 1 movement from each event, make a piece with those moves, photograph it, then place photographs in the sea

slide down the staircase in 15 different ways then make a journey to the north

stand in every window and…

ok I hope that helps you to see how  open it can be.

I will keep the ‘directions’ in  envelopes unread. I will open one of them everyday.

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